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WORLD VETERINARY DAY- April 20th On 26th April, we celebrated World Veterinary Day by offering free deworming to our clients. We would like to show our gratitude to our three phenomenal vets who work tirelessly to help the animals of Malawi. Thank you Dr. Richard, Dr. Delphine, and Dr. Pacifique for choosing a profession that isn't the prettiest or most luxurious, but one of upmost importance, providing necessary medical assistance to those without a voice. On World Vet Day, our vets performed a serious orthopedic surgery to a small pup who had been accidentally run over by a car and severely fractured his leg. Teddy was brought in immediately, which helped save his leg. We asked Dr. Banza to come in to assist as they had to insert surgical pins to place the leg and reduce the fracture. After being wrapped in a cast, Teddy is now healing well and will hopefully learn his lesson to not chase cars! Once again, we owe thanks to our vet team, a one of a kind group in Malawi.


First Mass Community Spay Clinic in Mzuzu

A group of American veterinarians and vet techs mobilized resources as a team to conduct a spay and neuter clinic in Mzuzu at the St Augustine Catholic Parish. ALL CREATURES coordinated and organised the logistics for this landmark activity to further extend its support to the Mzuzu ADD and the Mzuzu City Council in controlling the swelling stray dog population and the looming crisis of canine rabies in the community. 
This year alone, ALL CREATURES Mzuzu Veterinary Centre has confirmed 5 rabies cases, of only reported cases. This may just be the tip of the iceberg and therefore this year's Volunteer efforts of sterilizing all the pets that were brought give our community activity a new dimension. 
the team managed to sterilize 197 dogs over a period of three days. The team comprised of five veterinary doctors, predominantly from the United States. ALL CREATURES and the team would like to inform all potential candidates to participate in next year's Volunteer Community Spay C…

World Spay Day Malawi 2018

Dear Readers,

ALL CREATURES Animal Welfare Trust is delighted to inform you that we successfully completed this years Spay Month with an exceedingly successful World Spay Day celebrations in Chinsapo Community in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The Trust conducted Spay Month celebration in two sites; Dr Pacifique Busirwe and Dr Delphine Rwamelika led and provided free spay surgeries all-day Saturdays and Thursdays at the Mzuzu and Lilongwe Veterinary Centres respectively. Twenty-one spays were done in this time alone.

In addition, a team led by Dr Delphine, conducted a community spay clinic that run frrom Saturday 24th to Tuesday 28th, sterilised 241 dogs and vaccinates 461 dogs against rabies.

MZADD blames migrants for the rise in stray dogs

Mzuzu, May 18, 2018: Mzuzu Agriculture Development Division (Mzadd) has bemoaned the tendency by some city residents to abandon their dogs whenever they relocate to other areas, saying the situation has given rise to stray dogs in the city. Speaking in an interview Wednesday, Mzadd Programmes Manager Wellington Phewa, said the rise in stray dogs is compromising efforts to fight rabies in the city as there is nobody to take them for vaccination. Phewa bemoaned that Mzadd and Mzuzu City Council’s joint effort to remove homeless dogs from the streets is seemingly in vain as the number keeps increasing. “We are still encountering the problem of increase in stray dogs because most people, when moving out of the city, tend to leave their dogs behind without anyone to care for them,” he said. He added that though city bylaws restrict the number of dogs per household to two, some have more dogs which they fail to manage.  “We are appealing to all people to be responsible and look after their …

World Spay Day In Malawi 2018

ALL CREATURES Animal Welfare Trust will hold yet the biggest World Spay Day ever in the country. It is anticipated to have 8 veterinarians, four veterinary nurses, two education Officers and 13 veterinary students. 
This year's World Spay Day shall be held for four days 24,25,26 & 27th this February in Chinspao, Lilongwe the Central business district of Malawi. The team project to sterilise over 5,00 dogs in that period.
You are therefore requested to bring all your dogs on the above mentioned days. Ensure that the dogs are starved the night before in order to limit associated risks during aneathesia. We also appeal to all the well-meaning people to come and support this drive to reduce the number of straying dogs and reduce canine rabies in the area. The support can come through physical presence, especially animal health professionals and teachers or through in-kind support like food and water for the volunteers.
All sterilised dogs shall be given free rabies vaccination, d…

ALL CREATURES Children's League

This past December we had a very special gathering of people, our youth of Malawi, to bring awareness to animal welfare issues facing this country.  ALL CREATURES Children's League, founded by our Director's daughter, Martha met at VASBYT farm situated outside of Lilongwe. Here, the children were exposed to pig farming, fish farming, and brick making, things they don't get to see or learn about living in the capital city.   

The Children's League is made up of young student leaders, passionate about our animals. They get together several times a year to do activities that promote animal welfare or for fundraising activities for ALL CREATURES. On this outing, the kids also enjoyed swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and a home cooked meal. The farm is also home to two St. Bernards, two German Shepards, and two Jack Russel terriers, so the kids were exposed to quite a variety of dog breeds that are not commonly found in Malawi. It …

ROOTS & SHOOTS Club - Educating our Youth

ROOTS & SHOOTS Malawi Youth Education on Animal Welfare, Environmental Sustainability, and Community Engagement As many schools went on holiday for the month of December, one of our largest Roots & Shoots clubs remained very active in their community and here at ALL CREATURES. Lead by Education Coordinator, Joshua Nyasulu, several Chinsapo Youth Club volunteers came to our facility to teach our caretaker how to build fire briquettes, using paper instead of firewood. This is a more environmentally sustainable activity as we no longer have to rely on trees but on old scrap paper that we collect around the office as well as from our Roots & Shoots clubs. These briquettes act as charcoal and burn much longer than typical charcoal and firewood. 

Malawi National Tree Planting Day is December 18th and Chinsapo Youth Roots & Shoots club took advantage of this important day by holding their own tree planting ceremony. After nurturing several hundred seeds into seedlings, they dec…