ALL CREATURES Children's League


This past December we had a very special gathering of people, our youth of Malawi, to bring awareness to animal welfare issues facing this country.  ALL CREATURES Children's League, founded by our Director's daughter, Martha met at VASBYT farm situated outside of Lilongwe. Here, the children were exposed to pig farming, fish farming, and brick making, things they don't get to see or learn about living in the capital city.                                                                                                              

Brick Making day on the farm

The Children's League is made up of young student leaders, passionate about our animals. They get together several times a year to do activities that promote animal welfare or for fundraising activities for ALL CREATURES. On this outing, the kids also enjoyed swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and a home cooked meal. The farm is also home to two St. Bernards, two German Shepards, and two Jack Russel terriers, so the kids were exposed to quite a variety of dog breeds that are not commonly found in Malawi. It was an exciting day for everyone involved but most importantly, it was a day for our Children's League to promote our new fundraiser to build quarantine kennels for new dogs. We hope to sell the bricks the children made by hand as a symbol of our campaign "This is not a brick. This is the beginning of hope, the promise of warmth and shelter. This is your chance to contribute to a better life for ALL CREATURES!" We hope you'll take part in our campaign!
Checking out the pigs and how they're taken care of at VASBYT.
Children's League members see a Chambo and Catfish up close at the fish farm, where they are hand bred, which is more sustainable to our lake's population of fish. 

Children's League members with Education Manager, Ashley and host at VASBYT, Stella.


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