World Spay Day In Malawi 2018

ALL CREATURES Animal Welfare Trust will hold yet the biggest World Spay Day ever in the country. It is anticipated to have 8 veterinarians, four veterinary nurses, two education Officers and 13 veterinary students. 
This year's World Spay Day shall be held for four days 24,25,26 & 27th this February in Chinspao, Lilongwe the Central business district of Malawi. The team project to sterilise over 5,00 dogs in that period.
You are therefore requested to bring all your dogs on the above mentioned days. Ensure that the dogs are starved the night before in order to limit associated risks during aneathesia. We also appeal to all the well-meaning people to come and support this drive to reduce the number of straying dogs and reduce canine rabies in the area. The support can come through physical presence, especially animal health professionals and teachers or through in-kind support like food and water for the volunteers.
All sterilised dogs shall be given free rabies vaccination, d…

ALL CREATURES Children's League

This past December we had a very special gathering of people, our youth of Malawi, to bring awareness to animal welfare issues facing this country.  ALL CREATURES Children's League, founded by our Director's daughter, Martha met at VASBYT farm situated outside of Lilongwe. Here, the children were exposed to pig farming, fish farming, and brick making, things they don't get to see or learn about living in the capital city.   

The Children's League is made up of young student leaders, passionate about our animals. They get together several times a year to do activities that promote animal welfare or for fundraising activities for ALL CREATURES. On this outing, the kids also enjoyed swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and a home cooked meal. The farm is also home to two St. Bernards, two German Shepards, and two Jack Russel terriers, so the kids were exposed to quite a variety of dog breeds that are not commonly found in Malawi. It …

ROOTS & SHOOTS Club - Educating our Youth

ROOTS & SHOOTS Malawi Youth Education on Animal Welfare, Environmental Sustainability, and Community Engagement As many schools went on holiday for the month of December, one of our largest Roots & Shoots clubs remained very active in their community and here at ALL CREATURES. Lead by Education Coordinator, Joshua Nyasulu, several Chinsapo Youth Club volunteers came to our facility to teach our caretaker how to build fire briquettes, using paper instead of firewood. This is a more environmentally sustainable activity as we no longer have to rely on trees but on old scrap paper that we collect around the office as well as from our Roots & Shoots clubs. These briquettes act as charcoal and burn much longer than typical charcoal and firewood. 

Malawi National Tree Planting Day is December 18th and Chinsapo Youth Roots & Shoots club took advantage of this important day by holding their own tree planting ceremony. After nurturing several hundred seeds into seedlings, they dec…

Protection Against Animal Cruelty- WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT?

Our vets in the ALL CREATURES Clinic had some extraordinary work to do this month. We had several cases of abuse and neglect but none as bad as Biscuit's, a small puppy who was rescued by a film crew in Kasungu after seeing his owner kick and beat it with a stick. The beating was so bad, Biscuit needed a metal rod put into his shoulder, which was quite a complex surgery (see xray below). Biscuit is only about 5 months old, which means he should fully heal and soon be able to walk without pain or a limp. It is an absolute atrocity to hear of someone beating a puppy this young. We are so happy the members of the film crew came to his rescue and immediately took him away from his owner, no questions asked. Luckily Biscuit is still the world's happiest puppy who greets everyone he sees and is desperate for playmates! Our vets also had a case where Frozy (pictured below) had been stoned by his owner's neighbors, badly enough to hav…


In Malawi and indeed many African countries that I have lived, the phrases ‘animal rights’ and ‘animal welfare’ are often used interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between the two. It is therefore our role as animal welfare people to try and paint the difference between these two significantly different ideologies as any advocate for animal compassion is dismissed immediately as a space wasting animal rightist in most social settings.  It is with cynicism that most animal well being advocates are viewed by the general public and sadly also by policy developers. This is indeed the reason why most African countries grapple with archaic or even non-existent animal utilization regulations. Animal utilization by man-kind has been documented in many different spheres of society that varies from status, haulage, food, war, medicine, tourism, culture & tradition, security and even worship. This is by no means an exhaustive list of human use for animals but demonstrates …


Our ALL CREATURES staff have been very busy this month, as we officially opened our second office in Mzuzu (find our story below). With our additional office, we welcome new staff members to the team: Vet Manager Dr. Bruce Mwiinga, Administrative Assistant Tionge Namatumbo, vet nurses Faith Pemba, Mercy Zimba, and intern Blessings Chilanga. Dr. Bruce comes to us from Zambia where he recieved a degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Zambia. He came to Malawi as manager of the East Coast Fever (ECF) vaccination campaign we held in Mzimba district. He specializes in livestock health and does livestock vaccination clinics throughout Mzuzu.  In addition to the opening of a new office, we hosted three vet volunteers from the Netherlands. They assisted us greatly with the spay and neuter clinic in Mzuzu as well as with pertinent diagnosis and operations at the Lilongwe clinic. These kinds of volunteer opportunities provide an important mutually beneficial…


After establishing our new Mzuzu Animal Resource Centre, we conducted a mass rabies vaccination campain at the Veterinary Clinic that is located in Kanigina Mzuzu. Rabies is among the worst zoonotic disease in the world and responsible for over 70,000 human deaths annually. The control of this viral disease control continues to pose global public health challenges in the developing world. In developing countries, over 90% of conīŦrmed and reported cases of human exposure are from domestic dogs.

In Malawi ALL CREATURES ANIMAL WELFARE TRUST partnered with the Mzuzu City Council, Mzuzu ADD and the Humane Society International to rid Mzuzu City of this killer disease. In August ALL CREATURES run a similar exercise with the Community Veterinary Clinic (Florida) under the Community Health Coalition to vaccinate all the dogs in Enkwendeni in South Mzimba.
The rabies vaccination clinic held on the 2nd December vaccinated over 640 dogs from three surrounding village wards. This event was collect…