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World Rabies Day

Imagine 3500 pupils all gathered together for an interactive lesson about rabies; this is what “All Creatures” did on 28th September 2016, we held this educative sensitization program as it was World Rabies Day. At “All Creatures” we have keen interest in children as we believe that it is easier and beneficial to train children in animal welfare in their formative years because this is when they are most impressionable and therefore teachable. We believe that whatever is learnt in these early stages of life has a lasting impression on the learners.

It is because of this that “All Creatures” decided to take World Rabies Day to Kafulu primary school in area 22, Lilongwe to impress on the children the importance of Rabies vaccines and the precautionary measures to be taken against rabies and what should be done as first aid reaction when one is bitten by a dog suspected of having rabies.

The children laughed, cheered, sang and danced as they learnt; it was especially excit…