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Animal health is a crucial component of animal welfare; it is based on this premise that ALL CREATURES Animal Resource Centre, a tributary of the ALL CREATURES Animal Welfare Trust, was established. Since June 2016, the Animal Resource Centre has been providing the residents of Lilongwe and beyond with veterinary services which are aimed at improving the wellbeing of animals. Although the centre was providing much needed services, the centre was keen on improving the services provided. The centre was still in need of some essential equipment that would allow for the provision of excellent professional service.
In less than a year of commencing our operations at the Animal Resource Centre, we have been able to source state of the art equipment which has augmented the quality of service that we provide. We now have an X-Ray, Digital Developer, Anesthetic Machine, Oxygen Concentrator, and Olympic Precision Microscope all of which we received from various well-wishers, including “Project V…


Chinsapo is just about a 7-10 minute drive from the central business district of old town in Lilongwe, although it is very close to the city’s hub, Chinsapo is an urban, high density, low income area. And as is the case with many Malawian families, many families in Chinsapo have pets. The most common being cats and dogs, but it has been the case, again as is the case with in many low income communities in Malawi that the cats and dogs are barely ever spayed or neutered. This is not due to the fact that the people in these communities know nothing about spaying and neutering but has more to do with the depth of knowledge on the benefits of spay and neuter. Another reason why the dogs and cats in these communities are barely spayed or neutered is because the people in these communities are unable to pay for the required surgery as they cannot afford to due to the strength of their earning power.

All of these factors led to the selection of Chinsapo as the project area of a week-long spay…