Animal health is a crucial component of animal welfare; it is based on this premise that ALL CREATURES Animal Resource Centre, a tributary of the ALL CREATURES Animal Welfare Trust, was established. Since June 2016, the Animal Resource Centre has been providing the residents of Lilongwe and beyond with veterinary services which are aimed at improving the wellbeing of animals. Although the centre was providing much needed services, the centre was keen on improving the services provided. The centre was still in need of some essential equipment that would allow for the provision of excellent professional service.

In less than a year of commencing our operations at the Animal Resource Centre, we have been able to source state of the art equipment which has augmented the quality of service that we provide. We now have an X-Ray, Digital Developer, Anesthetic Machine, Oxygen Concentrator, and Olympic Precision Microscope all of which we received from various well-wishers, including “Project V.E.T.S”,  Stichting DIO-Diergeneeskunde In Ontwikkelingssamenwerking and an anonymous German supporter. We are absolutely grateful to all of them.

What will the acquisition of all this equipment mean for the Animal Resource Centre and for the animals that will acquire help from us? With the X-Ray machine, we will be able to accurately diagnose our patients and give them the required treatment. Formerly, we outsourced this service from other facilities in the area but this was only done in extreme cases, which was neither convenient for the people nor the animals. We will now be able to use our own X-Ray machine at even the slightest inclination that an X-Ray is required to make a diagnosis. The X-Ray machine also has a Digital Processor; this eases the work and saves time as we will have X-Ray sheets ready in a few minutes

The Anesthetic machine will allow us to administer accurate doses of anesthesia to our patients during surgery. A gas anesthetic machine gives us more control in administering the anesthetic. With this gas anesthetic, patients go to sleep faster and the anesthetic does not remain in the system for too long, compared to when a shot is administered. Because we previously did not have this, we were uneasy about conducting procedures on animals such as rabbits. In general the gas anesthetic significantly reduces any chance of complications.

Our gratitude cannot be overstated; the support that we get from well-wishers and partners alike is invaluable. As we strive to continue improving the quality of our services, we are very relieved and encouraged by these recent contributions because they serve us as indicators of the faith that partners and well-wishers have in our work. 


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