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Your Pet, The Rains and You- Rainy Season Caveats to Heed

Of “cats and dogs” not literally but very nearly so; the rains have come down hard these past few weeks, they still are, felling fences and flooding homes in its course. It even rendered some roads momentarily impassable such as the area 49-18 road in Lilongwe. There was much relief when the rains started, in these times when rainfall is quite unpredictable, any consistency of the shower is very encouraging to the general population, many of which survive on crops they grow for subsistence. But as has been the case in recent days, the downpour has been magnanimous, to the effect of causing chaos.  One now is not quite sure whether to complain or remain happy, as it is; at least the much required rain for power generation is upon us but many other sections of society are inconvenienced by the magnitude and strength of the rain.

Have you considered what this means for the animals around us? The pets, the livestock, even the wild? We are surrounded by a myriad of other living organisms wi…