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Do you remember passing your University Entrance Exam? Along with the joy and relief comes the concern of what the new experience will be like. Despite how exciting change is, it can be a little uncomfortable; one of the things that you will definitely have to face is the fact that you will be getting a new roommate😝! You have absolutely no idea what they are like; are they neat and tidy? Are they quiet or noisy? Do they snore? Will they be kind and friendly or are they a grouch with whom you can’t ever hold a conversation? Then you meet and together you begin to build parameters and set boundaries, they say to you; “Mesho* I don’t appreciate your using my plates and not cleaning them afterward”, or you say to them “Mesho* please don’t keep your radio on all night, it disturbs my sleep” and so on and so forth. What you and your mesho* are looking to achieve is a state of harmony.
The Oxford English dictionary defines harmony as “The state of being in agreement or concord” or “The qual…


There was dust everywhere as the noise of blaring honks from impatient minibus drivers rushing to meet their targets for the day grew louder and louder. This writer sat and watched, in utter amazement and reluctant admiration as the driver of the minibus made near impossible maneuvers in an effort to wiggle his way out of the myriad of buses tightly packed together each waiting their turn to fill up on passengers. When suddenly there was a stirring within the bus and the sound of a young boy’s voice crying “ayi! Tasiyani!” he was protesting the intrusion of a man’s hand who was jokingly trying to grab a little hamster from his hand. Everyone broke into inarticulate sounds of affection, the uuuuuhs, awwwws and ahhhhs, everyone was warmed by the boy’s determination to defend his little hamster. He too broke into laughter, holding his little hamster more closely, as he settled in once again on his mother’s lap. He was a little too old to still be sitting on his mother’s lap really, but i…