ROOTS & SHOOTS Club - Educating our Youth


Youth Education on Animal Welfare, Environmental Sustainability, and Community Engagement 

As many schools went on holiday for the month of December, one of our largest Roots & Shoots clubs remained very active in their community and here at ALL CREATURES. Lead by Education Coordinator, Joshua Nyasulu, several Chinsapo Youth Club volunteers came to our facility to teach our caretaker how to build fire briquettes, using paper instead of firewood. This is a more environmentally sustainable activity as we no longer have to rely on trees but on old scrap paper that we collect around the office as well as from our Roots & Shoots clubs. These briquettes act as charcoal and burn much longer than typical charcoal and firewood. 
ALL CREATURES Care taker and Chinsapo Youth R&S Club Volunteers shred paper for briquettes
The final product, briquettes, which need 5-7 to fully dry


Malawi National Tree Planting Day is December 18th and Chinsapo Youth Roots & Shoots club took advantage of this important day by holding their own tree planting ceremony. After nurturing several hundred seeds into seedlings, they decided to work with the Chinsapo Police to transplant them around their property. The ceremony was lead by the Chief of Chinsapo village and two Chinsapo Police commanders. This Roots & Shoots club engages youth and adults who have left school due to lack of school fees, pregnancy, or other reasons, and are now looking to get involved in their community. Made up of mostly women, they have trained community members on how to build sustainable cooking stoves, fire briquettes, and now tree growing and maintenance. We look forward to watching them grow and change their communities! 
Chinsapo Youth R&S Club Tree nursery
Chinsapo Police officers plant trees to show their contribution to improving Malawi's environment



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