First Mass Community Spay Clinic in Mzuzu

A group of American veterinarians and vet techs mobilized resources as a team to conduct a spay and neuter clinic in Mzuzu at the St Augustine Catholic Parish. ALL CREATURES coordinated and organised the logistics for this landmark activity to further extend its support to the Mzuzu ADD and the Mzuzu City Council in controlling the swelling stray dog population and the looming crisis of canine rabies in the community. 

This year alone, ALL CREATURES Mzuzu Veterinary Centre has confirmed 5 rabies cases, of only reported cases. This may just be the tip of the iceberg and therefore this year's Volunteer efforts of sterilizing all the pets that were brought give our community activity a new dimension. 

the team managed to sterilize 197 dogs over a period of three days. The team comprised of five veterinary doctors, predominantly from the United States. ALL CREATURES and the team would like to inform all potential candidates to participate in next year's Volunteer Community Spay Clinic after a hugely successful pilot program. The trust will increase the frequency of these expeditions through-out the year in order to raise impact on the dog population and provide more opportunities to groups of volunteers that wish to come together and fundraise for this community clinic at a time of their convenience. 

We thank Drs Erin Hisrich & Amber Hinson and the vet techs Sara Goos, Lindsey, Lilly and Burgandie Coy and the entire ALL CREATURES team that made this such a successful activity.


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