On 26th April, we celebrated World Veterinary Day by offering free deworming to our clients. We would like to show our gratitude to our three phenomenal vets who work tirelessly to help the animals of Malawi. Thank you Dr. Richard, Dr. Delphine, and Dr. Pacifique for choosing a profession that isn't the prettiest or most luxurious, but one of upmost importance, providing necessary medical assistance to those without a voice. On World Vet Day, our vets performed a serious orthopedic surgery to a small pup who had been accidentally run over by a car and severely fractured his leg. Teddy was brought in immediately, which helped save his leg. We asked Dr. Banza to come in to assist as they had to insert surgical pins to place the leg and reduce the fracture. After being wrapped in a cast, Teddy is now healing well and will hopefully learn his lesson to not chase cars! Once again, we owe thanks to our vet team, a one of a kind group in Malawi.


This month we've added a few more to our pack, including five kittens and four dogs. Five kittens were rescued by police when they arrested illegal road side sellers, who dangle kittens and puppies on the side of the road to sell to passers-by. The scene is heartbreaking and some pull over to buy from these sellers, just to provide relief to the animals. Unfortunately, the animals then get brought to us which is a costly burden without financial contributions. Buying from these sellers is only promoting their business and instead, police should be contacted, as their actions are illegal and they should be arrested. Our "Spice Kitties" Geri, Emma, Mel B, Victoria, and Mel C are available for immediate adoption to good homes!

We also rescued two dogs this month, both suffering from severe wounds and needed immediate medical treatment. Paca, found by a kind citizen, had a infected machete wound from a grass slasher. We don't know if it was intentional, but Paca did not seem afraid of humans as we went in to rescue him. After a major wound cleaning and antibiotics, Paca is doing well, and there isn't even a sign of a limp on the wounded leg. He is an adorable dog, with his tail always wagging. He does well with other dogs and will happily serve as your companion!
Lily and Violet are Pomeranian puppies who were surrendered by their owner who didn't want the litter. It is still a sad fact that owners refuse to spay and neuter their pets due to cost or other reasons, and then rescue organizations suffer the burden of their neglect. We now are trying to find homes for these two cute pups, who make great indoor pets. 


Meet Zeus, a neglected guard dog living just a few houses down from ALL CREATURES. We've unfortunately had to visit Zeus's home multiple times, once because they were trying to surrender puppies and we asked them to have their dogs sterilized so it wouldn't keep happening. They refused. We visited again after we saw another litter of puppies crawling around. That's when we first noticed Zeus's wounds which were becoming infected with both a bacteria and fungus. His left eye had also been so battered it had rolled back. At no point were we ever able to get in touch with the owner. We told the guard to please pass on the message that this dog needs medical attention and if he wants him to stop getting into fights and having puppy litters, he needs to be neutered. Again, the owner never provided the necessary attention. Last week, our staff member Ashley, who passes by Zeus's home daily, noticed a gaping wound on his shoulder. It looked as if he had been whacked with a machete. Ashley immediately went into the compound to confront the owner, who was once again not available. After calling him multiple times, we told the guard we would confiscate this animal if the owner doesn't seek medical attention. The guard informed us that the owner doesn't care about the dog and won't seek treatment. With that, Zeus was immediately confiscated and brought to ALL CREATURES. After a plea to our donor community, friends stepped up and funded his surgery and medical treatment. Zeus had his surgery and his now in recovery. We hope to rehome him after he properly heals, to someone who genuinely cares about their animals. We hope this story spreads across our community members as a lesson to anyone who shows their animals abuse and neglect. These owners will be reported and animals will be confiscated and rehomed if you refuse to be a responsible pet owner. If you want to read more about our efforts to pass animal cruelty legislation, please check out our website!

ROOTS & SHOOTS Youth Education

Youth are the key to making sustainable changes around the world. That's why we work closely with youth clubs, encouraging them to make a difference in their communities and change will follow! Our Chinsapo Youth Roots and Shoots club is very active around the community. After planting and caring for close to a thousand seeds and caring for them as they grew, they transplanted the seedlings in different places in attempt to reforest the very over cultivated outskirts of Lilongwe. On a Saturday this month, they headed to Malawi Water Board, an area in desperate need of land care. They planted a couple hundred of their trees and engaged their care takers on the importance of caring for these sensitive seedlings.  We are proud to watch this youth club work so hard to better their community. They are not funded and gather as volunteers to promote a sustainable environment. If you'd like to make a donation to our Roots and Shoots program, please follow the link here. Follow our activities on our Facebook Roots and Shoots Malawi page!    


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