After establishing our new Mzuzu Animal Resource Centre, we conducted a mass rabies vaccination campain at the Veterinary Clinic that is located in Kanigina Mzuzu. Rabies is among the worst zoonotic disease in the world and responsible for over 70,000 human deaths annually. The control of this viral disease control continues to pose global public health challenges in the developing world. In developing countries, over 90% of confirmed and reported cases of human exposure are from domestic dogs.

In Malawi ALL CREATURES ANIMAL WELFARE TRUST partnered with the Mzuzu City Council, Mzuzu ADD and the Humane Society International to rid Mzuzu City of this killer disease. In August ALL CREATURES run a similar exercise with the Community Veterinary Clinic (Florida) under the Community Health Coalition to vaccinate all the dogs in Enkwendeni in South Mzimba.

The rabies vaccination clinic held on the 2nd December vaccinated over 640 dogs from three surrounding village wards. This event was collectively organized by all the partners and was graced by the Ward Councillor, the Mzuzu ADD Program Manager Mr Phewa, the City Council Director Mr Augustine Gamma and the Country Director of ALL CREATURES in Malawi, DrRichard Ssuna.

This vaccination clinic was resounding success and the beneficiaries, including the local authorities were greatly appreciative of the activity. With the support from Human Society International, the Mzuzu mass vaccination drive, to be held in May 2018, shall involve coordination of foot vaccinators, rabies education teachers, publicity teams and vaccination surveillance team. The ultimate goal shall be the vaccination of at least 70% of the dog population in Mzuzu (both owned and roaming) as recommended by the World Animal Health Organisation. 

All the teams shall be trained and equipped with sophisticated technologies to establish the level of dog population accessibility, numbers vaccinated and data on animal welfare states of the animals to collect the all-important baseline information for further interventions with the city and the rural peril-urban communities. We also look forward to potential volunteers that are keen on helping the program and sharing the success.


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