Protection Against Animal Cruelty- WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT?


Our vets in the ALL CREATURES Clinic had some extraordinary work to do this month. We had several cases of abuse and neglect but none as bad as Biscuit's, a small puppy who was rescued by a film crew in Kasungu after seeing his owner kick and beat it with a stick. The beating was so bad, Biscuit needed a metal rod put into his shoulder, which was quite a complex surgery (see xray below). Biscuit is only about 5 months old, which means he should fully heal and soon be able to walk without pain or a limp. It is an absolute atrocity to hear of someone beating a puppy this young. We are so happy the members of the film crew came to his rescue and immediately took him away from his owner, no questions asked. Luckily Biscuit is still the world's happiest puppy who greets everyone he sees and is desperate for playmates! Our vets also had a case where Frozy (pictured below) had been stoned by his owner's neighbors, badly enough to have snapped his leg bone in two. They had to locate a plaster in Lilongwe and set his leg before he was able to go home. We are hoping his owner is able to keep a watchful eye on Frozy so he is able to fully heal and avoids any further incidents with his cruel neighbors. 

Frozy was stoned by neighbors so badly, her femur had snapped in half. Vets had to do a plaster to help the bone heal back together. 
Xray captures the pin we've used to help
 Biscuit's should function as normal. 
ALL CREATURES has been working closely with the police department and this month welcomed the Inspector General of Police onto our board of trustees. In addition, we have been invited to conduct a formal training with Lilongwe police on animal protection laws. Dr. Richard will be conducting the training once he develops the formal curriculum. It is essential that police start taking animal abuse seriously and act on reported cases with deliberate intent. As we bring them up to date with the cruelty issues we are faced with everyday, we are hoping to see a change in their behavior and attitude towards these serious crimes.

Our sweet Biscuit has since recovered and has been rehomed with his best bud, Hero


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