Our ALL CREATURES staff have been very busy this month, as we officially opened our second office in Mzuzu (find our story below). With our additional office, we welcome new staff members to the team: Vet Manager Dr. Bruce Mwiinga, Administrative Assistant Tionge Namatumbo, vet nurses Faith Pemba, Mercy Zimba, and intern Blessings Chilanga. Dr. Bruce comes to us from Zambia where he recieved a degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Zambia. He came to Malawi as manager of the East Coast Fever (ECF) vaccination campaign we held in Mzimba district. He specializes in livestock health and does livestock vaccination clinics throughout Mzuzu.  In addition to the opening of a new office, we hosted three vet volunteers from the Netherlands. They assisted us greatly with the spay and neuter clinic in Mzuzu as well as with pertinent diagnosis and operations at the Lilongwe clinic. These kinds of volunteer opportunities provide an important mutually beneficial relationship, as our staff learns new skills and new insight from the volunteers, and they in turn gain new experiences of vet practice in a developing country. It is something our organization would like to expand on and utilize long term. If you have connections to schools or organizations in the animal science field, please reach out to us and check out our volunteer page! All in all, the month of November has been an incredibly busy one for everyone at ALL CREATURES, working tirelessly to care for abused and abandoned pets, and maintaining our rescue so that each of our animals has a quality of life that they deserve.

Dr. Delphine leads a spay while teaching vet nurse Faith and vet volunteer Sara.

20 November 2017

Vet nurse Mercy monitors a dog who just received a spay surgery
This month, we officially launched our new vet clinic in Mzuzu city. The event included a free spay/neuter clinic as well as a vaccination clinic, thanks to a grant from Humane Society International. The clinic was led by our Director, Dr. Richard Ssuna and our two vet managers, Dr. Delphine of the Lilongwe office and Dr. Bruce of Mzuzu who instructed a team of 3 vet nurses and two vet volunteers from the Netherlands to successfully spay and neuter several local dogs. This launch helped get the word out about the new clinic and brought awareness about animal health to the citizens of Mzuzu. The event would not have been a success without our Stichting DIO volunteers, Rachel and Sara who came to Malawi to gain hands on experience of vet care in a developing country. They were also here to share their expertise and provide new insight and training to the vet nurses. We would like to thank them for their gracious donation of an x-ray machine that is an essential device for our clinics. The Mzuzu clinic will have a large focus on livestock and working animal health, a much needed service in the northern region. If you're in the northern region or have friends who are, get the word out! 

  Dr. Richard Ssuna administers vaccines for client's puppy.


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