The burden of caring in an environment or society that seems not  to share that same passion may seem daunting. Burdens, passions and hopes come with a demand; they demand your attention, investment of self and resources but more than anything they demand that you act; they demand that you rise up despite opposition and stand against injustice. This has been “All Creatures Animal Welfare League’s” drive from its inception; to ensure that the animals of Malawi are treated with a bit more kindness and dignity.

Despite the lack of very key resources such as kennels, “All Creatures” has insisted on providing shelter and food to the most desperate animals in Lilongwe urban, conducting numerous rescue operations also with the help of the Malawi police service for which we are very grateful. It has been quite the experience!

We have had the awesome privilege of receiving a lot of help; a lot of other people who share our burden have been more than kind. Many have helped by giving us tipoffs, which makes our work much easier, tipoffs help our work as it would be very difficult if we had to go and seek out all the various cases by ourselves. We have had the help of volunteers that have filled some expertize gaps that we had, we’ve had the help of construction experts, pet-grooming experts, 

we’ve had people help us with the “Children’s League” activities, people have also helped us in our Humane Education endeavors. 

We have the help of a lot of supporters who brought various supplies for the animals in our care, other brought food, toys, medical supplies, furniture and lots lots more! We’ve enjoyed the help of organizations such as International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), The Donkey Sanctuary, and Charlotte Parks Foundation.

As we step into 2017, we look forward to doing a lot more to help the society, we look forward helping our society be more proactive in taking care of their animals, to help them understand the importance of animal welfare.


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