Humane Education in Kasungu

All Creatures Animal Welfare League in collaboration with Kasungu Elephant Fund on 3rd November 2016, held a free Spay and Neuter clinic with the support of the Humane Society International. The aim of the exercise was to reduce the number of stray animals around the park. To make the most of this initiative, the All Creatures Humane Education team set up a humane education session at Kaswam’chenje primary school, which is one of the schools surrounding the park.

The team from Kasungu Elephant Fund assisted All Creatures by linking the Humane Education team with the school officials and setting up the event. The event was attended by the whole school; an estimated 1000 plus pupils who enthusiastically participated in the lesson. The pupils were taught about Rabies; how fatal it is, its signs and symptoms, preventative measures and what to do as first aid treatment for someone bitten by an animal suspected to have the virus.

The staff at Kaswam’chenje primary school was very pleased to have hosted the event and the Head Teacher remarked that the lessons were very relevant and that they had learnt a lot, and further urged the team to hold more events like this in future so that they could learn more.

As is the tradition of the Humane Education Team, they asked the students questions after the lesson in order to assess how well the pupils had grasped what was taught them, and the two pupils that gave the most convincing answers demonstrating excellent comprehension of the topic were given a T-Shirt each, the T-Shirts are courtesy of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).


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