Can you imagine what a dog’s dream life would be? May not be so easy for everyone but at least one may have an idea- no leash, numerous trees to pee on, lots of dirt to make holes in which to hide bones, pile upon pile of bones and steak, a nice shelter for when it rains or when it’s cold, no noise from fireworks on New Year’s eve. Maybe most importantly, a caring owner to whom he can come home after a day of lots of fun out in the fields. An owner who is concerned when he is sick and takes him to the vet, an owner who gives him a bath to keep the fleas away, an owner who defends him from bullies, an owner who calls him best friend. That would be fantastic wouldn’t it?

Sadly, that is more than what little Snoopy (name given for the sake of this article because his real name is unknown to us) could ask for. Suffering terribly from loneliness, but as though that was not enough, being beaten and harassed by whoever pleased at Chilinde market in Lilongwe from which he suffered severe head trauma and neurological damage to the extent that he was constantly foaming at the mouth and rattling his teeth. Then luckily, a good-willed passer-by noticed the unfortunate treatment that Snoopy was getting and called All Creatures to rescue him. One shudders to think what would have happened if the call had not been made.

Snoopy knew nothing of ‘every dog’s dream’ instead, he was met with the absolute opposite, he had no owner to defend him when he needed it the most, no owner to take him to the vet when he was ill, no shelter and absolutely no assurance of safety, or maybe he had an owner who just did not care, until All Creatures came and took Snoopy away to a safety. Animals-they don’t ask for much, but if they could, surely they would ask to be treated better.

Before and after rescue.


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